Tamara Kalinic is a 29-year-old blogger who specialises in premium beauty, fashion, and travel.
She has always been passionate about fashion, thanks to her mother and grandmother, and over time she has developed a style of her own, a sort of blend of pieces from chic, modern, and sophisticated lines. Tamara is a regular at international fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris and writes about her life in her blog theglamandglitter.com. In 2015, InStyle Magazine named her a rising star of Instagram, dubbing her “a jet-setting social media queen”.

Named among the prestigious “Times top 100 influencers of 2019”, Tamara Kalinic has established herself over the last decade as one the most popular in- fluencers of her generation, empowering thousands of people around the world with her self confidence and refined sense of aesthetic.

Known as a style ambassador for the worlds most iconic fashion brand, she was recognized with the “Elle Style Awards” and became one of the few influencers to land the cover of respected publications such as Cosmopolitan and Grazia magazines. Her ongoing activism for women’s rights was also applauded by her peers and got her the coveted ‘Cosmopolitan Girl’ prize.

Nowadays, at the head of a premium brand of eyewear, Tamara is known as a successful entrepreneur who has managed to turn her fascinating journey into a flourishing business venture.

Tamara recently turned 30 years old and has become this year Cover Girl of the legendary l’Officiel magazine, a milestone in a flourishing career that is set for the most promising future.